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How We Cover Cheer/Dance

Spreading the word about your team!

Featured on We Cover Cheer - We love writing!  This is our chance to get to know your team and what makes your team special.  We ask coaches questions to get feedback, talk to the athletes to get their take and even get input from family members!  Then we take all the information and do a write-up that is all about your team and we post it on our website and link it up to our social media pages.  After the write-up is completed, we have the head coach or who we were working with give us final approval.  See an example: http://www.wecovercheer.com/blog/2014/2/douglashighcheer

Interviews - Just as it states, we will feature someone from your team and ask them questions.  We only ask upbeat/positive questions and if there is any questions you don't want to answer, not a problem at all.  We list out all the questions and answers before posting online and get final permission from the person we interviewed.  See an example: http://www.wecovercheer.com/blog/2014/6/emuinterview

Cheerleader/Dancer of the Month - This is our latest feature.  We choose a cheerleader or dancer that we are going to feature on any given month.  We then interview coaches, teammates and even family if they want to participate to learn about that cheerleader/dancer.  We then list out all the question and answers we get back and surprise the Cheerleader/Dancer of the month with the feature.  We also send out a poster for the person to display proudly of being featured on We Cover Cheer.  See an example: http://www.wecovercheer.com/blog/2014/5/dancerofthemonthmay2014

Getting to Know Feature (coming very soon!) - We want to feature the athletes that we photograph.  We will make the athlete their very own page on We Cover Cheer.  There will be a mix of asking others questions about the athlete or getting to know the athlete and letting them answer questions.  We are making a specialized sports card for this feature.  The sports card can be something they hand out to their friends and family with their own page listed on it.  

Photography is our passion!

On Location Photos - Action shots are our speciality!  We come and photograph your team while they are cheering at a sporting event.  Want some nice formal shots of your team before or after the event?  Not a problem at all, we will stick around and get any photos you want.  This is a perfect time for us to also gather up information and do interviews right on the spot to get a jump start getting a write-up done of your team and featuring you on We Cover Cheer.  See an example: http://www.wecovercheer.com/piuscheer09272013

Studio Photos - Want formal photos taken of your team?  Just tell us when!  Our studio is a traveling studio which means its easy for us to setup our lights, backdrops and take your photos.  We will come to you and we will bring our photography studio with us!  See an example: http://www.wecovercheer.com/p617197749

Promo Photo Shoots - Have a special event you want us to photograph?  Just ask!  Have just a small group of cheerleaders or dancers that want to do a photo shoot?  Just ask!  Are you a parent wanting just some nice photos of your son or daughter in uniform?  Just ask!  We never mind picking up a camera and taking photos.  See an example: http://www.wecovercheer.com/lincolnsoutheast10272013

We also have opportunities where we need promo photos done for We Cover Cheer; such as brand building or social media networking and we will provide you with the photos we take!

Make Money!

Fundraising - Does your team need to make money?  We have a great opportunity for your team!  Whatever photos we take of your team, we can put them for sale on our website. You then will earn 25% cash back of any profit they make from your teams photos!

Even More Fundraising - Do you sell your teams merchandise?  Do you have loads of outdated uniforms and accessories?  Let us sell anything you have for you!  We have an online store that has a great following of people who love to purchase anything sports related!  This is a great way of making money quickly for your team! 

Coupon Deals - If you are already doing your own fundraising and selling of a product, let us help you advertise it on our Local Deals page!  We are more than happy to promote anything you need.

About Us

About We Cover Cheer:
We Cover Cheer is a local and nationally-based media outlet for the sports of cheer and dance. We Cover Cheer’s headquarters are located in Denver, CO and Lincoln, NE.

We Cover Cheer’s Mission:
To promote the hard work, dedication, and spirit of cheer and dance athletes in a positive manner on www.wecovercheer.com through photos, stories, interviews, and more.

We Cover Cheer’s Vision:
To inspire and support cheer and dance athletes, coaches, and teams across the county through photos, stories, and interviews on www.wecovercheer.com. It is the goal of We Cover Cheer to become a local and nationally known media outlet in the sports of cheer and dance and for it to be an honor to be featured by the company. We Cover Cheer is dedicated to providing a fun and uplifting experience for all athletes, coaches, teams, and fans.