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About We Cover Cheer:
We Cover Cheer is a local and nationally-based media outlet for the sports of cheer and dance. We Cover Cheer’s headquarters are located in Denver, CO and Lincoln, NE.

We Cover Cheer’s Mission:
To promote the hard work, dedication, and spirit of cheer and dance athletes in a positive manner on www.wecovercheer.com through photos, stories, interviews, and more.

We Cover Cheer’s Vision:
To inspire and support cheer and dance athletes, coaches, and teams across the county through photos, stories, and interviews on www.wecovercheer.com. It is the goal of We Cover Cheer to become a local and nationally known media outlet in the sports of cheer and dance and for it to be an honor to be featured by the company. We Cover Cheer is dedicated to providing a fun and uplifting experience for all athletes, coaches, teams, and fans.